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Quest Community Health Centre
Feb 14, 2020
Full time
A Unique Opportunity to Advance Integrated Health Care in Niagara Outreach RPN, Urgent Service Access Team (USAT) / Canadian Mental Health Association -Niagara Safe Beds  Full Time Join Quest Community Health Centre, in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association-Niagara, Community Addiction Services Niagara, and the Niagara Health System with the Urgent Service Access Team (USAT), an integrated initiative that focuses on hard-to-serve/complex clients, with a special emphasis on individuals experiencing mental health, addiction, and concurrent disorders. USAT presents a unique Niagara based opportunity to work with hospitals, community-based agencies, and opioid treatment programs to ensure smooth transitions, continuity of care and firm client engagement, together with faster access to services and reduced overall health care costs. This outreach position will predominantly work out of the CMHA-Niagara Safe Beds location; there is a strong emphasis on addictions and mental health work in this role. In collaboration with community partners, provide short term stabilization, and help link clients to longer-term supports and ongoing primary health care.  The ideal candidate will maximize connections and use of existing community resources by acting as a catalyst who, together with community stakeholders, will facilitate the development and implementation of creative and efficient strategies to maximize health outcomes for our clients. The USAT Outreach RPN position is responsible for providing primary health care and assisting in the provision of short and long term stabilization by facilitating the establishment of care pathways while engaging programs/services to assess, prioritize and support client needs. Therefore, you and the team will work collaboratively with community partners and health care professionals.  Your qualifications include 1-3 years’ primary health care experience working with interdisciplinary teams in a community, hospital and/or public health environment. Experience working in the field of concurrent disorders and addictions is preferred. You have a Registered Practical Nurse diploma from an accredited School of Nursing.  This position is mobile and involves working with clients in a variety of settings, including CMHA Niagara Safe Beds location. The hours of work for this position are Monday to Friday from 1-9pm.  If you enjoy being part of a team environment and share our passion for providing a particularly innovative model of Primary health care, we encourage you to submit your resume and cover letter by Feb 27, 2020. For a detailed job description, visit our website at .  Accommodations available upon request.
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