Research Chair, Applied Research in Mental Health - Ontario Shores

  • LHH Knightsbridge
  • May 06, 2020
Full time Research Chair

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Client Organization: Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences;

Position Title: Research Chair, Applied Research in Mental Health

Reports to: Vice President, Practice and Academics, and Chief Nurse Executive, Ontario Shores, and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto


Ontario Shores is a publicly funded mental health facility located in a beautiful setting in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada that provides a spectrum of specialized tertiary assessment and treatment services to individuals living with complex and serious mental illness.

The hospital serves a large urban and rural geographic region with a population of approximately 2.8 M people characterized by rapid growth and ethnic diversity. Its mission is to provide exemplary mental health care to its community, and to provide leadership through research, education and advocacy: 

  • Ontario Shores’ vision for patient care is built on promoting recovery of well-being, nurturing hope, and on inspiration through discovery. Its model of care is based on a holistic patient-centered approach combining medical, rehabilitation and psychological perspectives to the treatment of mental illness.
  • Research is central to the organization’s vision for its future. There is a strong commitment to its growth and a culture of partnership with other academic health science organizations.
  • Ontario Shores recognizes that knowledge translation of research to the clinical domain is critical to the evolution of mental health care. It is affiliated with various Academic Institutions such as, University of Toronto and Queen’s University, and provides a growing number of educational opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicine, psychology, nursing, social work and occupational therapy.
  • Ontario Shores has been revalidated as one of the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 7 hospitals. This prestigious achievement reflects Ontario Shores’ continued commitment to ensuring the highest quality of care is met using electronic medical records (EMR). Found within a Stage 7 organization are an abundance of data, automated processes, easier access to information and clinical decision supports within the EMR.
  • The hospital provides leadership to healthcare providers, community partners, policy makers, and social sectors to strengthen the provincial mental health system. Ontario Shores has been designated as the mental health lead for the Central East Local Health Integration Network, a region which includes approximately 1.5 million people. Ontario Shores embraces opportunities to raise awareness of mental illness and to ensure that individuals with mental illness have access to care and the opportunity to fully participate in society.

The facility includes 346 inpatient beds, a multitude of outpatient and community-based services and over 1,200 staff; its clinical programs cover the spectrum of adolescent, adult, geriatric and forensic mental health.


Ontario Shores is working to advance its mental health research program through its 5‐year roadmap. Our vision is to advance the mental health of the Central East Ontario population and beyond, by using research and end‐user engagement to provide evidence‐based care to meet individual needs in collaboration with our system partners. Aligned to our strategic vision of being bold and extraordinary, we aim to reduce health inequities, improve patient health outcomes and support integrated care delivery beyond our walls. 

Ontario Shores seeks a scientist Chair committed to research excellence who will play a central role in achieving our 5-year road through development of new models of care that incorporate innovative approaches to improving quality of care and the patient/family experience in mental health. The Chair will lead an independent research program in the area of applied management of patients with mental health disorders in the tertiary metal health care setting. The research will be undertaken at a level that can achieve international recognition for excellence and may include such elements as psychosocial assessment and management and therapeutic support of patients with mental health challenges. The Chair will serve as an ambassador for Ontario Shores in the development of collaborative research partnerships with national and international partners, and in the development of evidence-informed care practices within the organization.

The Chair will substantially accelerate the growth of the hospital’s academic mission and its visibility within the Canadian and global academic mental health community, and will be a champion of translational research and will demonstrate the relevance of applied research to clinical care. The nature of the population served by the hospital and the publicly funded healthcare model that exists within Ontario ensure that researchers will be able to access appropriate study populations without substantive barriers. Additionally, Ontario Shores supports more than 50 long term care facilities which can not only provide a referral base for research studies but may be a platform upon which such research can be performed.


  • Develop an innovative and highly competitive independent research program that leverages external research grant funding in alignment with Ontario Shores Strategic Plan.
  • Plan and conduct research leading to innovation in the delivery of mental health care in a community academic hospital setting with the goal of improving access to care and enhancing quality of care and outcomes at the individual and system level.
  • Obtain sufficient and sustained extramural funding to support students and research staff.
  • Report findings in peer-reviewed scientific literature and share evidence to support innovation with health care policy makers, planners and the general public.
  • Recruit and mentor graduate students and other trainees and research staff.
  • Promote collaborations with various stakeholders to leverage the strengths of Ontario Shores with an extensive external network.
  • Engage staff to achieve tangible impact at Ontario Shores, build capacity, and strengthen the culture of research and innovation.
  • Participate in committees, advisory groups, and other activities that further the objectives of Ontario Shores.
  • Contribute to the faculty of the University of Toronto through teaching and mentorship of students   in order to build an academic presence and meet academic requirements.


Candidates for the position will hold an PhD or an MD and post-graduate research training, with a proven track record of research achievement relevant to mental health and experience leading multi-site and practice-based research collaborations. The successful candidate will be a scientist with a strong history of successful research in mental health with internationally recognized academic credentials and a strong record of peer-reviewed grant funding and of international recognition within their research area.


The founding chair must hold from an accredited institution an earned doctorate in a mental health-related field (dementia, psychogeriatrics, anxiety and mood disorders, health behaviour, etc.) or an MD with postgraduate research training and should possess: 

  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and leadership qualities to build a preeminent research program in the area of mental health;
  • Proven, transformative leadership with the ability to articulate a clear, compelling vision and to engage all constituencies in support of that vision;
  • A strong record of ongoing, consistent research funding from extramural sources and scholarship in the field, with the ability to cultivate the hospital and university’s research agendas;
  • A record of applied research and demonstrated impact in a hospital or health system;
  • Accomplishments that warrant national and international recognition;
  • A record of collaboration and the ability to foster a culture of collaboration within the hospital, university and other stakeholder settings;
  • Ability to develop and lead co-design strategies to inform research initiatives;
  • Eligibility for academic appointment; 
  • Proven ability to mentor and develops faculty, staff and students; and
  • A high level of personal and professional integrity.


The Chair will report to both the Vice-President, Practice and Academics, and Chief Nurse Executive, Ontario Shores and to Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto.

The term of the position is 5 years and may be renewed once subject to satisfactory completion of a 5-year external academic review.

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