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  • Canadian Hearing Society
  • Aug 28, 2019
Full time Vice President

Job Description

The Canadian Hearing Society (“CHS”) is the industry-leading provider of services and products that enables Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers.  It is the largest and only Accredited organization of its kind in North America. Building on its 80-year history and following a remarkable and ambitious turnaround, CHS is a modern, progressive and professional organization well-positioned for growth both nationally and internationally.   

With 25 locations and more than 400 employees, CHS operates through multiple companies; a non-profit, a for-profit and a charitable foundation. A mission and vision driven organization, CHS offers a complete and robust roster of highly professional community base services, clinical programs, industry leading products and cutting-edge technology which drive our passion and raison d’etre for a barrier-free society for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

Based at the Corporate Head Office in Toronto, Ontario and reporting to a dynamic Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), the Vice President, Commercial Operations is a strategic, innovative and proven leader who brings a breadth and depth of experience in business operation, retail sales and the management of multiple professional services in related for-profit and non-profit sectors. She/he is a passionate and an accomplished self-starter possessing a keen ability to identify opportunities to grow CHS revenues and increase market share.  She/he is a credible go-getter in business development who others turn to when seeking strategic opportunities and/or market insights, and who acts as a proud ambassador consistently increasing CHS’s profile and mission. With a proven record in driving P&L’s, complemented by demonstrated years of experience as a seasoned leader of teams, the successful candidate will have a strong professional background in customer service in an industry and sector that requires people-focused values. This is a cause-based organization that strives to improve the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing communities from the profit or governmental funded programs.

With a lens of team leadership, the VP, Commercial Operations will work collaboratively with other members of the leadership team.  A committed, engaged, high energy leader and beacon of integrity and business savviness, she/he will set the example for a talented, intelligent, and diverse team. The Vice President, Commercial Operations is a well-connected, highly networked leader and a superb door-opener with deep relationships formed with both B2B and B2C customers. She/he has a track record of identifying, developing and facilitating significant partnerships and agreements with peers in the health care, consumer packaged goods, retail and e-commerce sectors. She/he will identify and implement new opportunities that support the CHS’s success, including embracing innovation and technologies for both products and processes.

The ideal candidate for the Vice President, Commercial Operations brings 10-15 years of proven experience, a business unit leader, an accomplished executive who, having had exposure to healthcare sales and/or healthcare equipment markets would be an asset. The successful Vice President, Commercial Operations is a relationship builder possessing exceptional business acumen, sales, communications along with a proven track record for building and growing businesses.

About the Canadian Hearing Society

Founded in 1940 and the largest agency of its kind in Canada, CHS employs approximately 400 people who deliver over 17 programs through a network of offices across Canada. CHS offers a wide range of programs and services, products and information at its locations across Ontario to help remove communication barriers at home, at school and at work, and provide support and advice for people of all ages who are Deaf and hard of hearing. All services are provided by professionals experienced in meeting the needs of its consumers in an accessible, confidential environment.

The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) provides audiology and hearing aid-related services at locations across Ontario. The CHS provides products, services, and information relating to hearing loss, as well as a wide range of accessible education and support programs. With a dedicated provincial team of audiologists and support staff, customers can rest assured that they will receive only the highest quality of care and consideration.

CHS Hearing Healthcare has modern, state-of-the-art audiology facilities located in key CHS offices throughout Ontario, offering an array of services including hearing testing, hearing aids, tinnitus consultations and more. CHS is a recognized training site for all university audiology programs in Canada. CHS continues to be a trusted consultant to the government in the area of hearing loss. CHS Hearing Healthcare is integral to the fabric of CHS, touching virtually every department. Trust, community, neutrality, price and expertise are the reasons why every year thousands of people choose CHS as their audiology provider.

CHS also provides a wide range of Communication Devices products, ASL Education and Interpreting and Translation Services.

The Canadian Hearing Society and its Mission, Vision & People Focused Values

We support informed choices: we give you unbiased information on all known options and you decide what best suits you and your family.

The ultimate goal of the 2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan is to achieve a new level of national leadership. To achieve this, the Canadian Hearing Society will deliver a focused, more impactful range of services and products based on their community importance, financial sustainability and the organization’s ability to deliver them professionally and consistently.

For the next several years, the Canadian Hearing Society will concentrate on getting focused, getting great and getting national. Achieving these strategic goals will prepare the organization for achieving its Mission to become the leading provider of services and products that enable Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to participation.

This Plan will lay the groundwork for the Canadian Hearing Society in 2020 and beyond. Over the next three years, getting focused, getting great and getting national reinforces the Canadian Hearing Society’s Mission and Vision: to become the leading organization serving Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians across the country.  


To be the leading organization serving Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians by advancing a barrier-free society. We believe that Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians have the right to lead their lives any way they choose and that the Canadian Hearing Society is uniquely qualified to help ensure nothing stands in their way.


To provide industry-leading services and products that enable Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to participation. There are many ways the Canadian Hearing Society can enable Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to overcome barriers to participation. We believe that focusing on providing industry-leading services and products is where the Canadian Hearing Society can have the greatest impact.

People Focused Values

These core values will define all our interactions with each other and with the Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians we serve:

•        Ethical

•        Respectful

•        Accountable

Canadian Hearing Society’s Vice President, Commercial Operations – Opportunity Overview

This is a truly exciting opportunity for an entrepreneurial, results-oriented business development executive who is excited by a challenge to help build and distinguish the Canadian Hearing Society as a leader across Canada. Operating in a fast-paced challenging environment, this is a real opportunity to “make a difference.”

The Vice President, Commercial Operations will be a trusted senior advisor to the CEO and member of the senior leadership team with a mandate to grow the business, develop our retail product line and its distribution and drive the expansion of our Hearing Aid program, ASL Education and Interpreting/Translation Professional Services by advancing CHS’s brand and market share objectives.

She/he will have direct responsibility across business development, marketing communication, national sales, regional partnerships, will execute acquisition opportunities and RFP proposals to rapidly grow CHS’s market share from $25M to $100M nationally by leading and developing a high performance, sales and marketing team that will include Marketing and Communications group whose mandates include brand marketing strategy and alignment, sales training, and social/digital media.

The VP, Commercial Operations will also be responsible for managing the expectations and driving results for the executive team and other stakeholders. Most importantly is open and receptive to stakeholder feedback.  She/he will support and direct the clinician teams in meeting and exceeding targets in line with CHS’s annual and long-term strategic plans.

The Vice President, Commercial Operations is a catalyst for strategic and visionary thinking and execution, with demonstrated success leading in a changing and complex environment and effectively partnering across the organization to collaborate with other functional areas, while independently and with expertise leading towards new, creative and value-driving initiatives and partnerships.

Operating with an entrepreneurial spirit and seasoned judgment, she/he will communicate and inspire confidence across a wide range of clients and internal stakeholders, sharing a credible vision with the CEO and promoting CHS’s brand and unique value proposition within Canada. She/he will bring a proven experience in developing innovative strategic plans and partnerships to protect and grow incremental market share, with an ability to identify and manage new market opportunities aligned with CHS’s overall investment and growth strategy, while positioning CHS as the national and global leader in providing services and products that enable Deaf and hard of hearing individuals to overcome barriers to participation.  

Key Accountabilities and Success Indicators for the Vice President, Commercial Operations

In the first six months, the successful Vice President, Commercial Operations will have:

  • Developed the trust and confidence of the CEO, their team, and the executive teams as well as the Board of Directors;
  • Developed a solid understanding of key issues impacting CHS’s customers and the communities it so proudly serves across multiple industries;
  • Developed a sound knowledge of CHS’s unique organizational model combining the strengths of both for-profit and not-for-profit structures to bring a greater good to the communities it so proudly serves;
  • Developed, implemented and built upon CHS’s strategic growth plan ensuring the expected outcomes for growing CHS’s market share in both the device and services markets;
  • Initiated and built productive relationships within the health devices and clinic operators across the country, including but not limited to national, ecommerce, international and regional customers;
  •  Prioritized visibility and transparency in process and structural changes;
  • Increased partnerships, and by facilitating and encouraging superior customer service at all levels across the organization, ensured a seamless transition and un-wavered trust in the marketplace; and
  • Developed clear working processes with the Commercial Operations teams creating opportunities in line with the vision and cultural brand of CHS’s strategic plan.

Beyond the first six months, the successful Vice President, Commercial Operations will have:

  • Continued to drive results and customer satisfaction in terms of volume, quality and profitability as they align with CHS’s strategic plan;
  • Have led the assessment, evolution and modernization of CHS’s portfolio, product offering and processes;
  • Developed and executing upon a clear, compelling ecommerce strategy for the organization, balancing strategic objectives and will have collaboratively determined growth and expansion readiness;
  • Continued to identify additional revenue streams, business development, acquisition, digital sales platform opportunities for CHS with the goal of doubling the revenues of the for-profit group by 2022;
  • Developed and maintained strong relationships through regular cultivation and stewardship of clinics as well as current and potential retail partners; and
  • Become a trusted voice and face of the Canadian Hearing Society as a leader in products and services and a source of advice and expertise on expanding the reach to remove barriers to communication, advance hearing health, and promote equity for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

Desirable Leadership Experience and Competencies

The Canadian Hearing Society’s Vice President, Commercial Operations understands the retail landscape of CHS’s target markets through a lens of best-in-class service and community accountability. The VP, Commercial Operations will have previous experience working at a senior executive level in business development and/or B2C sales and/or marketing, with all three service segments as an asset with demonstrated success operating as an effective, engaging and inclusive leader and change agent able to drive results in line with overall organizational strategy.

The Vice President, Commercial Operations is acutely attuned and aware of the changing markets as well as the changing demands of this dynamic end-consumer base and unique value proposition for B2B customers and strategic partners. She/he is able to embrace this direction within the framework of an established brand and organization, and able to swiftly identify opportunities that competitors might miss. This insight and innovative mindset will drive a better understanding of internal operations and direct marketing resources, enabling her/him to deliver best-in-class customer service. With strong operational and business acumen, she/he is able to assess and simplify complex relationships and partnerships that CHS can embrace, so that alignment and pace to overall strategy is clear for her/his team and the executive team.  The VP, Commercial Operations will demonstrate sound financial acumen and understands what it takes to create strong, beneficial deals and opportunities for the Canadian Hearing Society.

An outstanding relationship builder, the Vice President, Commercial Operations builds rapport across all levels of the organization and industry, garners respect and is a highly visible team leader. With high EQ and both the humility and confidence to get things done, the successful VP, Commercial Operations is an engaging, transparent and motivational senior executive knowledgeable about the industry landscape and market opportunities. She/he knows how to tap into the internal human, technological and data resources to execute on strategic initiatives with a results-driven orientation to create value and elevate the service level and resource availability nationally.

Taking ownership of the CHS’s brand nationally, the VP, Commercial Operations knows how to sell, market, and brand products and services combined with the added value of deep practice-driven market intelligence and experience in leading teams who are executing these mandates. She/he brings public messaging experience who can add value to and support the CEO and the leadership team in their presentations to the Board, at conferences or with the media.

The VP, Commercial Operations understands the importance of internal and external messaging particularly in critical periods steering a path to avoid crisis and is sensitive to legal, reputational risks and liabilities as well as leveraging all platforms to proudly story-tell on CHS’s continued legacy-building successes and gold-standard customer service excellence. The VP, Commercial Operations understands the power of social media and is able to confidently lead a team in executing initiatives to use this powerful tool and other platforms of digital media to innovate and grow CHS’s marketing platform and increase brand recognition into new customer channels, elevate CHS’s position as a leader, improving the lives and providing insights to all of those affected by hearing related matters. 

The successful VP, Commercial Operations is an authentic leader who promotes an inclusive team culture and defines success in terms of the individual team and collective revenue and market share performance and growth opportunities as they align with CHS’s strategic and growth plans. An experienced coach and mentor, the VP, Commercial Operations will nurture and develop a strong team capable of executing and delivering on results and inspired by the work being done while unphased by ambitious and innovative strategic plans executed with the unique CHS service model and cultural brand in mind. Trusted and transparent, the VP, Commercial Operations is able to leverage CHS’s history with a forward-looking view and presents her/himself with comfort and gravitas both internally and externally.

The VP, Commercial Operations is keenly aware that outstanding customer service is a key piece of CHS’s value proposition and values relationships as the substance of good business. She/he is a highly networked leader, sensitive to the culture and community that CHS serves, effortlessly connecting with customers, industry and potential business development contacts.  CHS’s VP Commercial Operations garners respect and is an ethical, high integrity leader increasing the profile and brand of the CHS in marketplace where they are already known as the national advocate for removing communications barriers and promoting equity for its customers. The VP, Commercial Operations will have a track record of identifying, developing and facilitating partnerships and alliances on behalf of CHS, leading to high impact opportunities with leaders in the retail, ecommerce and medical clinic space. The Vice President is an innovator in brand management, marketing, communications, product development who can further develop our Professional Services.   She/he encourages and motivates his/her team to be imaginative and creative and brave when seeking solutions, welcoming positive change and seeks out opportunities to build consensus and drive towards clarity of thought in communications with stakeholders.  

This is an exceptional role for an accomplished leader who is motivated and personally committed to the mission, influence and impact of the Canadian Hearing Society and its many possibilities for growth and market expansion-oriented transformation, ensuring CHS’s national growth and success for many years to come.

How to Apply

If you are interested in exploring this exciting Vice President, Commercial Operations opportunity at Canadian Hearing Society, please provide a detailed cover letter and resume highlighting your relevant sales, marketing, business development and team leadership experience to Lisa Heidman LL.B., ICD.D, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Arlington Partners International at and Paul Bruner, Managing Director at

**Please note: We are supplying this information to you on a confidential basis and exclusively for the purposes of this specific Vice President, Commercial Operations opportunity at CHS. No other use, dissemination or sharing of the contents of this document is authorized. Appropriate care must be exercised by the reader, with respect to the private and confidential information contained herein. **

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), CHS will provide accommodation, accessible formats and communication supports for the interview upon request.

The Canadian Hearing Society supports an affirmative action hiring process for culturally deaf and hard of hearing applicants.

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