Registered Nurse Geriatric Program

  • Unity Health Toronto
  • Jul 11, 2019
Full time

Job Description

The RN works within a changing environment and in inter-professional teams to advocate for and promote wellness while ensuring the delivery of safe, effective and ethical nursing care. The RN shares his/her knowledge and expertise with others and contributes to the advancement of nursing practice excellence. The RN continually enhances his/her practice and competencies through ongoing learning, education, experience and reflective practice.

This opportunity may be of interest to Registered Nurses (RN) with specialized geriatric nursing education and experience who would like to support care for frail seniors in the Emergency Department (ED). This role allows the RN to provide coordinated, inter-professional geriatric assessment and treatment for older adults with acute medical issues. Working collaboratively with the emergency staff / physicians, Geriatricians, health disciplines, CCAC staff, Healthlinks and clerical staff, and reporting directly to the CLM General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, the Geriatric Emergency Management Nurse will be responsible for:


The primary role of the RN is to provide holistic, evidence-based, culturally appropriate, patient-centred quality care in accordance with the College of Nurses of Ontario standards and SMH's mission, vision, values and policies. The RN optimizes the patient's experience and care outcomes by:

  • Being accountable for one's decisions and professional practice;
  • Establishing a therapeutic relationship with the patient;
  • Administering care within the Senior Friendly Care Framework guidelines
  • Collaborating with other members of the patient's care team; and,
  • Coordinating and communicating patient care activities.
  • The RN has 4 key areas of responsibility

Patient Care

  • Provides clinical assessment and recommendations for seniors with multiple medical co-morbidities and social complexity with special focus on the Inner City Health population
  • Acquires information to assess patient care and learning needs
  • Develops a plan of care and integrates nursing activities with other inter-professional activities
  • Engages in critical inquiry and reflection to select evidence-based interventions
  • Organizes nursing care and assigns or changes nursing care activities where appropriate
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the plan of care and adjusts the plan as needed
  • Anticipates, recognizes and addresses rapidly changing situations
  • Provides health education to patients and their families using effective teaching strategies
  • Documents observations, assessments and care provision
  • Contributes to discharge and transition planning
  • Refers patient to other agencies or services as needed 

Collaboration & Coordination

  • Serves as the primary resource for organizing and coordinating patient care activities
  • Establishes and maintains respectful, collaborative, therapeutic and inter-professional relationships
  • Coordinates and communicates patient care activities for a safe and seamless transition and appropriate transfer of accountability
  • Participates in hospital and local unit committees and other groups


  • Aligns behavior with SMH's vision, mission and values and Code of Conduct
  • Supports the advancement of professional practice
  • provides ongoing education and quality improvement initiatives related to senior friendly care
  • Utilizes effective judgment in assigning patient care activities
  • Engages in self-reflection, performance review and ongoing learning
  • Participates in mentoring, teaching and /or coaching students, co-workers and other regulated and unregulated health professionals
  • Embraces change that leads to improved nursing practice and better patient outcomes
  • Advocates for a safe and healthy work environment

Research and Education

  • Participates in or supports research projects
  • Supports and participates in evidence based practice implementation and quality improvement initiatives


  • Assessment and enhancement of physical, cognitive and psychological functioning of frail seniors accessing care through SMH ED
  • Supporting primary ED nurses and building capacity with the ED team to provide senior appropriate care
  • Use of clinical reasoning skills to determine need for admission to acute care based on patients acute presentation and functional status versus transition home direct from ED with community supports
  • Work closely with health disciplines who assess functional / cognitive needs of frail seniors and using assessment findings to build individual care plans
  • Work closely with physicians to facilitate safe transitions from hospital to community for frail seniors
  • Build fulsome care plans for those needing admission to hospital
  • Coordinate community linkages such as Primary Care, CCAC, Healthlinks Rehab, respite and other community services to support safe discharges
  • Provides patient and family health education
  • Other duties as Assigned


  • Registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Gerontological Nursing Certificate preferred
  • Experience in assessment and evidence based treatment of acute/chronic geriatric problems (ie. Recent falls, impaired mobility and balance, polypharmacy, acute functional decline, cognitive impairment, dementia, delirium, malnutrition and/or unintentional weight loss, elder abuse, incontinence)
  • Demonstrated recent experience in specialized geriatrics
  • Sensitivity and understanding of health issues of frail senior from an inner city population
  • Familiar with community resources / services for the frail elderly
  • Must have excellent organizational skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge & skills in critical thinking and decision making
  • Ability to work independently and intra-dependently
  • Evidence of continuous professional learning
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal & team work skills
  • Must have excellent attendance record
  • Do you have knowledge of community supports and resources available for frail senior population Proven planning, time management, organization and coordination skills?

Must be able to work all shifts, including days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays as needed.

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