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Halidmand Family Health Team

, Ontario (Canada)


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Executive Director

Job ID: 55713
Job Views: 860
Location: Hagersville, Ontario
Job Category: Executive Director
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 10-06-2017

Job Description



 Mandate: The Haldimand Family Health Team (HFHT) is committed to providing high-quality patient-centred care to the people of Haldimand county. The HFHT provides an interdisciplinary approach to health care that brings together a team of health care providers to work with physicians to assist in the management of chronic diseases and to address the needs of patients. The HFHT consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dieticians and other health care professionals and administrative staff working collaboratively, each utilizing their own experience and skills to provide comprehensive patient-centred care.

 The Executive Director (ED) position is central to the successful operation of the HFHT. This leadership position requires excellent interpersonal skills, management expertise and strategic planning abilities. The HFHT operates within a shared administrative and clinical leadership model. In fulfilling the HFHT’s mandate, the ED works in close collaboration with the Lead Physician to ensure that primary health care objectives are achieved. The ED works with the Board of Directors to develop strategic plans for the FHT, and provides formal progress reports on the implementation of these plans. The ED ensures that the appropriate policies, procedures, systems and other infrastructure are in place to sustain a disciplined, patient focused, results based organization. The ED develops strategic partnerships with public and private sector organizations to continuously enhance the impact of the HFHT’s programs and services.



   Assists the Board in developing and implementing strategic plans that fulfill the mission and vision of the HFHT. Strategic plans guide the development of programs and services and the ongoing operation of the HFHT.

   Translates, on an annual basis, the Board’s goals, objectives and strategic directions into operational plans and activities.

   Develops the relevant metrics (key performance indicators) and reports to track progress on the strategic plan, and reports results quarterly to the Board.


   Builds collaborative working relationships with stakeholders, including hospitals, MOHLTC, LHIN, community agencies, other FHTs, local government and provincial agencies.

   Represents the FHT on various committees and networks at the local, regional and provincial levels to address evolving needs in primary care.

   Identifies and creates opportunities for new partnerships in the public and private sector that benefit the HFHT and patients in Haldimand county.


   Develops, implements and maintains effective strategies and programs for staff recruitment, retention, performance management, development and training, and succession planning to ensure maximum productivity and service continuity.

   Determines training and development needs of staff based on current and emerging competency requirements, and allocates resources appropriately.

   Conducts performance reviews and provides on-going performance feedback and coaching to direct reports.


   Ensures the development and implementation of a sound financial management plan, which balances service delivery and funding requirements. This will include the preparation of the annual budget, the control of expenditures, provision of financial reports and other statements to the Board of Directors and MOHLTC, etc.

   Develops, implements and maintains an effective process for facilities management, purchasing and information management systems.

   Develops, implements and maintains effective internal control and due diligence processes to manage risk (e.g. Business continuity planning, insurance, regulatory obligations, etc.)


   Reviews and approves all short-term and long-term IT infrastructure plans and improvements related to capital investments and operational needs (e.g. HFHT website, EMR, patient registries, linkages to labs, hospitals and physicians.) Secures board approval as required.

   Ensures that appropriate quality assurance systems are in place to measure and monitor the quality of the FHT’s activities, including patient satisfaction and compliance with standards. Collaborates with AFHTO to share quality improvement data measures and works with other FHTs to continually improve quality improvement strategies and better understand data collected.

   Ensures required program delivery reports to MOHLTC are accurate, outcome-based and submitted on time.



   Clearly and confidently communicates the HFHT’s strategic plans and priorities, and how the contribution of each employee is aligned to the bigger picture.

   Demonstrates a clear and compelling vision of the possibilities to expand the current reach of the HFHT.

   Shares information as openly as possible with all stakeholders (e.g. Board, employees) to ensure others have the full advantage of as much information as possible to make informed decisions; is transparent about what can and cannot be communicated.


   Demonstrates strong coaching and mentorship skills; actively supports and invests the time and energy to develop others.

   Holds others accountable to a high standard of performance, while providing them with the visible support to succeed.

   Creates an inclusive and high performing culture by actively engaging employees in the decision-making process through active listening, positive and respectful challenging, and encouragement of ideas; clearly values others’ input while taking accountability for the final decision.


   Explores issues from a very broad perspective, weighing the various options in the context of clearly articulated priorities and values.

   Is able to clearly discern and articulate the relevant operational issues to the Board, and provide the required background to support their decision-making; similarly, is able to communicate the impact of Board activity and decisions to employees to facilitate internal alignment.

   Demonstrates the ability to translate strategy into realistic and achievable implementation plans.

   Demonstrates a strong understanding of current and emerging community needs, and the ongoing sustainability and potential of programs in the context of a changing and complex environment.


   Establishes, monitors and enforces high quality standards to maintain a highly professional results-based organization.

   Demonstrates a sound knowledge of the policies, legislation and practices that govern the operation of the FHT.

   Demonstrates a solid understanding of employers’ obligations, and fundamental knowledge of all aspects of Human Resources; is able to make tough decisions (e.g. Hours of work, termination, disciplinary action) based on sound rationale and consistent philosophy.

   Demonstrates an understanding of how to develop and interpret budgets, and exercise fiscal responsibility in the allocation of resources.

   Demonstrates a working knowledge of the community health system including the different stakeholders, their intersections, decision models, and political hotspots and opportunities.

   Demonstrates general current knowledge about disease management and health promotion to evaluate the proposed outcomes of new and evolving programs.


   Demonstrates honesty, integrity, accountability and appropriate transparency in all situations.

   Is thorough and diligent in pursuing and selecting partners (both internal and external) that reflect the values of the HFHT.

   Holds others to a consistently high standard; communicates and reinforces key expectations.

   Demonstrates sensitivity to diversity in the workplace; values and embraces all backgrounds.


   Actively networks to develop and maintain relationships and partnerships that support and advance the work of the HFHT.

   Researches and strives to understand the unique needs and interests of community partners (e.g. Physicians) to create mutually beneficial partnerships; is able to find the common ground on which to build win-win outcomes.

   Demonstrates political acuity and sensitivity in communication and negotiation; is able to alter style to fit and resonate with different audiences (e.g. Board, physicians, employees.



 Educational Requirements, Experience and Skills:

Masters Degree in a related field, or a suitable combination of education and experience.

 A successful track record of eight (8) or more years at the senior management level in health or public administration.

 Experience in program planning, development and evaluation.

 Experience working directly with a Board of Directors.

 Exceptional change management and organizational development experience.

 Resourcefulness and flexibility to meet the needs of the organization and the demands of the position.

 Proven ability to lead, encourage and motivate staff in a team environment.

 Confident and consistent decision-making skills.

 Exceptional patient focus and commitment to quality improvement. 

Qualified applicants can submit their résumé and covering letter to courtney.brady@haldimandfht.ca.




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