You’ve Been Sexually Harassed: What Happens to Your Job Prospects and References If You’re Not Famous?

Allison Taylor Reference Checking Tells Sexual Harassment Victims How to Protect Their Job Reference, Reputation and Future Livelihood

DETROIT (Dec. 13, 2017) – According to Allison Taylor Reference Checking, reporting sexual harassment can cost the brave women and sometimes men who report sexual harassment by a boss or co-worker in their current job: it can cost them the next job, too.

What happens to a job reference after making a report to HR, the legal department or filing a sexual harassment suit?

Too often, harassers get a simple slap on the wrist. Sadly, most of us aren’t famous movie stars with the clout to move on to the next job. Perpetrators too often get by with few consequences, while the brave complainant puts his or her career—and livelihood—on the line.

The average person has no choice but to worry about their next paycheck. But a bad boss can slander or defame you when you apply for your next job. Rumors that badmouth the wrong person can circulate for too long, and people may even collude to keep you unemployed by blacklisting you. On top of that, HR may not be very empathetic about the issue and may even say the wrong thing to protect their interests.

Whether you’re being pressured to discuss or even to have sex with your boss or a co-worker, forced to listen to foul language or slurs, you need to figure out what to do about that job reference, especially if you have worked at the place of harassment for any length of time.

Here are steps recommended for anyone’s future employment to­ look solid.

  1. Document the sexual harassment of employer by discovering what they say about you.

Hire a professional service like ours to make actual calls to your former boss or employer. Our very discreet reference check process gives you an accurate, documented report, viewable in your private, secure, online account.
2.   Prepare a remedy like a Cease & Desist Letter for Poor to Bad Job References

If you discover bad job references, we can help. Fight back hard with a “cease and desist” letter written by experienced professionals. With our close to 100% success rate, you can change the game and protect your future.

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