The top 10 worst management fads



There’s more than 10 dismal management fads, but Lucy Kellaway picks out the ones that irk her most. What’s the worst management practices your company has used? Leave a comment on the story or email The best comments will be published next week.

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Why increasing employee engagement is a waste of time

… Recently, I was sent a new piece of research showing that the worst-performing employees are often the most engaged ones. This is a radical departure from the standard view that performance and engagement go hand in hand: High performers are meant to be the motivated ones and the all-round cheerleaders, while low performers are supposed to belong to the awkward squad and be disaffected and grumpy.

Instead, according to the consultancy Leadership IQ, the feeblest workers in almost half the companies surveyed fared much better than the high-fliers on three measures of engagement. They were more likely “to give 100 per cent,” they were more likely to recommend their company to others, and they were more inclined to think that their bosses treated people fairly…

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Quebec nurse earns $315Gs by working overtime

MONTREAL – A part-time nurse at a Montreal hospital has earned over $315,000 in the past year through overtime and bonuses, raising questions about workloads, staffing and hospital spending priorities.

The nurse at Jean-Talon hospital made $315,284.18 in the 2011-12 fiscal year, QMI Agency has learned.

That’s nearly twice the salary of her hospital’s CEO and considerably more than Quebec Premier Pauline Marois, who makes $177,000 a year.

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Illegal Questions for an Employer to Ask During an Interview

Interviews are a defining moment in your quest for employment. Interviews often involve a series of questions about your education, work experience, skills and abilities. Some interviews involve role playing, or describing how you would react to a specific scenario. Unfortunately, some employers cross the line and ask illegal questions that are not relevant to the job. Some examples of illegal interview questions include questions about race, marital status and religion, among others.

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