50 Best Self-help Blogs for the Unemployed

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Unemployment can feel like a helpless time in your life, but there’s actually a lot you can do to help yourself and your career. In these blogs, you’ll see how others deal with unemployment, find career advice, financial tips, and much more. Read on to find the most helpful blogs for those who are unemployed.

Unemployed Blogs

How are other people dealing with unemployment? Find out on these blogs.

  1. Awesome & Unemployed: On this blog, you’ll find out how to be awesome and unemployed at the same time.
  2. Jobless and Less: Jobless and Less is a blog for the employmentally challenged.
  3. Days of Dejection: Roselle is looking for a position in marketing and communications.
  4. The 405 Club: Find unemployment support in this network and blog.
  5. Jobless in Jersey: Jobless in Jersey shares dispatches from the land of the unemployed.
  6. The Layoff List: The Layoff List shares posts about unemployment, as well as economic and political news.
  7. my quarter-life crisis: Tomika Anderson just quit her job, and is struggling with the job market.
  8. A Master of Nothing Employable: In this blog, you’ll read about a recent graduate looking for a job that will pay.
  9. How to Battle Unemployment Depression: Stay out of depression while unemployed with the help of this blog.
  10. The Unemployment Cafe: Read the Unemployment Cafe to find news, opinion, and more on subjects related to unemployment.
  11. Ursula Unemployed: Ursula has graduated, but not into the world of employment.
  12. Unemployment Statistics: Unemployment Statistics has nuggets of knowledge, statistics, and advice about unemployment.
  13. Life Without a Job: Life Without a Job shares the trials and joys of not working.
  14. Survive Unemployment: You’ll find advice for making it through unemployment on his blog.
  15. Help for the Unemployed: Find resources, advice, and more on this blog.

Career Blogs

Check out these blogs to kick your career back into gear.

  1. Evil HR Lady: Suzanne Lucas helps you understand HR from the other side.
  2. Lindsey Pollak: Lindsey shares career advice for Generation Y.
  3. Brazen Careerist: On Penelope Trunk’s blog, you will read about advice at the intersection of work and life.
  4. Career Goddess: Susan Guarneri shares the power of career assessments.
  5. Career Copilot: The Career Copilot has career advice, including resumes, phone interviews, and more.
  6. CareerDiva: Eve Tahmincioglu writes about careers for moms and more.
  7. The Careers Blog: Guardian Careers has advice for writing your resume, completing applications, and recruiting.
  8. JibberJobber: Read this blog to learn about career management 2.0.
  9. Monster: Monster will help you find your calling.
  10. Careerealism: Careerealism reminds us that every job is temporary.

Job Search Blogs

Find advice for job searching and more on these blogs.

  1. EmploymentDigest: EmploymentDigest has career advice, job search, and personal branding tools.
  2. Secrets of the Job Hunt: Check out this blog to find job hunting secrets.
  3. RiseSmart: RiseSmart has great advice for job seekers.
  4. The Job Seeker Blog: The Job Seeker Blog is a place where your career matters.
  5. Applicant: Read Applicant for job search tips and advice.
  6. TheJobBored: TheJobBored blogs about getting things done, getting ahead, and getting through the day.
  7. QuintCareers: QuintCareers offers a helpful career and job hunting blog with news, trends, and scoops.
  8. Newton’s Quick Job Search Blog: Newton’s offers blogs, websites, and other resources for job searchers.
  9. Avid Careerist: Avid Careerist has effective job search tools and strategies.
  10. Job Hits: The Job Hits blog has the latest news and updates about recruitment and employment.
  11. Adventures of the Job Search Ninja: Todd Bavol offers tips for being a job search ninja.

Finance Blogs

Read these personal finance blogs for advice on your new financial situation.

  1. My Open Wallet: Read Madame X’s blog about making, saving, and budgeting money.
  2. 20 Something Finance: 20 Something Finance will help you build a foundation for financial success.
  3. $5 Dinners: When money is tight, turn to this blog for frugal dinners.
  4. WiseBread: WiseBread offers advice for living large on a small budget.
  5. The Simple Dollar: Read The Simple Dollar to find financial talk for the rest of us.
  6. Common Sense With Money: Find free stuff, coupons, online deals, and more on this blog.
  7. Money Ning: Money Ning shares insights on saving, investing, using coupons, and more.
  8. Bargaineering: The Bargaineering blog offers financial anecdotes, advice, and commentary.
  9. MintLife: MintLife will help you know your money and live your life.
  10. The Consumerist: Be a good consumer by reading The Consumerist.
  11. Coupon Cravings: Coupon Cravings shares the best coupons, freebies, and shopping.
  12. Survival Insight: Survival Insight has financial solutions for any situation.
  13. I Will Teach You to be Rich: Find great ideas for earning more money, buying smarter, starting a business, and more on I Will Teach you to be Rich.
  14. Get Rich Slowly: Get Rich Slowly discusses personal finance that makes “cents.”